Interview with Dolf Veenvliet (Blender)

During the Summit, Digital Pioneers will present their projects and ideas every hour in the Hall of Trouw Amsterdam. On 28 October 11.15 hrs Dolf Veenvliet from the Blender community will tell us all about 3D open cinema and Sintel, the movie which has recently been released. We are very happy to have him over, because the Blender conference takes place at 29-31 October. We interviewed him shortly about himself and the project…

- Please tell us a little about yourself…
“I’m a Dutch visual artist, and have been working with free software for over 10 years. I also teach, and have been lucky enough to be part of the crew of the short movie ‘Sintel’, which is getting a lot of attention on-line right now”.

- How and why did you start Sintel?
“The Blender Institute gets artists from all over the globe to take part in it’s short projects. It’s seen as an honour to be asked, and is an amazing learning experience”.

- What can we do with Sintel?
“The movie is released as open source. So you can watch it for free. Not only that, you can also download all the files the movie was made with, and use them for your own projects”.

- How does Sintel stimulate social innovation?
“People still have to get used to the idea that it’s a good thing to give away their work for free. This project shows it’s not only possible, but that it can actually be profitable to do so”.

- What are you going to bring and get at the State of Social Media Summit?
“I will show some of my personal work, but also highlight some interesting bits in the movie. Some of the benefits and shortfalls of working within a tight knit community”.

Interested in hearing more about Sintel, Blender and Dolf? You can meet Dolf at the Summit!

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