Brainstorm on the functional & technical design of the website

21-apr-09 door: IAM Open Courseware

IAM Open Courseware students team had a brainstorm session together with Margreet Riphagen and Paul den Hertog about the functional and technical design of the IAM Open Courseware website. The outcome of this brainstorm will be a detailed FTO document dedicated to technical people who will be able to do the technical part of the project.
We listed down quite a lot of keywords of the functions which we thought should be included in the back-end and front-end of the website. We decided that teachers (content creators) will have their profiles and will be able to upload materials (max 10 items at one time), view, change, update, download course materials in different formats. Besides, we have two options for metadata to choose from: LOM (Learning object metadata) or Dublin Core. Apart from default Creative Commons license teachers will have a possibility to choose other cc license to protect their copyrights. Moreover, we all agreed that "search" and "advanced search" functions will be essential for both learners (users) and teachers (content creators), therefore it is necessary to implement a good tagging system.

More detailed functions will follow in the FTO document.