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artistieke keuze om music te combineren via online tool

This project, initiated by the Stichting EWM, is a unique combination of innovative technology and culture. People all around the world talk about it; we're going to do it. The idea of the whole project is to perform assigned compositions from seven different stages simultaneously on the net and on the locations. On each stage the videos of all the other performers are streamed so all musicians are also visible on the respective stages. They play in almost perfect real time together.

The artistic choice to combine electronic, improvised and composed music is made to break down any existing barriers between modern music disciplines. For both composers and musicians it means that a new dimension to their ensemble playing will be added.

In an ever fast changing world musicians aren't normally in the forefront of technical development, they are with this project. The participating musicians are: Martin Fondse (composition & keyboard), Eric van der Westen (composition & basses), Claudio Puntin (bass clarinet, clarinet), Erwin Vann (saxes and electronics) Tom Sikkers (electric guitar), Dirk Peter Kölsch (drums/ laptop) and Maartje Simons (drums).

The 1st phase of the project will emphasize on The Netherlands, the 2nd phase we aim to set up an orchestra world wide.

The technical target is to defy latency during the performances. There's no software available that tackles all problems you encounter when playing simultaneously like we intend to do . Promedialab develops especially for these performances perfect usable software called promedialabs - based on the Open Source Software Ninjam. We'll need serious technical utilities to do our performances. The Internet connection must be able to transport the huge amount of data up and down, on every location. Besides that the streaming video means a number of people will be busy filming and controlling the images. We'll have to train a number of times with the full crew to make it work.

We want to present a number of super high quality performances with state of the art technology. An extra will be the presentation of this all in 2nd life. An extra challenge.

This project is supported by Digitale Pioniers- Stichting Kennisland, RTE, Backdrop & BRAM. Currently possible contributors are FAPK, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSB Fonds, Ministry of OC&W and the European Community. Eindproducten

Met de Digitale Pioniers wordt al bestaande software verder ontwikkeld. Een van de grootste problemen tijdens het uitvoeren van niet geïmproviseerde muziek met online muzikanten is omgaan met vertraging. Online Music Lab maakt gebruik van Ninjam om synchroniciteit te realiseren. Een van de eindresultaten is een, waarschijnlijk in Second Life uit te voeren concert.


Stichting EWM - Eric van der Westen Address: Postbus 9156 5000 HD Tilburg The Netherlands

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